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Year 3 visit Duxford

On Monday 27th March the whole of Year 3 excitedly boarded 3 coaches and travelled to Cambridge to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, in order to consolidate their learning at the end of our topic on transport and trade. Although chilly, the sun shone all day and the children were in awe as soon as they arrived through the gate at the displays of tanks and aircraft they could see. Throughout the day they visited the different hangers and saw a wide and wonderful array of aircraft and vehicles from different eras. The Airspace hanger was particularly popular, with interactive displays explaining how different aircraft fly, which the children enjoyed exploring. They also got to walk through Concorde and on the Skybridge and view in close detail, the legendary Spitfire. In the American Air Museum hanger the children were blown away at the size of the B-52 bomber and enjoyed trying on different uniforms and finding out exactly how heavy a parachute from WW2 really was! It was a fascinating and exciting trip with the only downside being the time restriction. A huge thank you to all the parents who came along, some of whom seemed as, if not more, excited than the children! As always Year 3’s behaviour was exemplary and they were a credit to the school.

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