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SPSSA Girls’ Football Tournament

After the girls’ football teams’ success at the emerging football tournament, the team once again travelled to The Len Forge Centre to compete in the girls’ football tournament on Friday 15th October.

The day started with the group stages, where the team played six matches lasting seven minutes one way. In the first match, the team worked tirelessly making superb passes and played great attacking football but were unable to get the ball past the defence and keeper, with the game ending in a draw. The team went straight into their next match, using their knowledge and having warmed up into the game the girls went on to win the next 4 games. The last game of the group was a tough battle by both teams, with each side defending and attacking equally throughout, this game ended in a draw.

West Leigh 0-0 Hamstel

West Leigh 2-0 St. Mary’s

West Leigh 2-0 Sacred Heart

West Leigh 1-0 Thorpedene

West Leigh 1-0 Westborough

West Leigh 0-0 Prince Avenue

The girls finished winners of their group and went through to play the top six schools in the tournament. The team then played another six games in the afternoon. In the first game, the girls tried to get past the defenders on several occasions, then St. Mary’s managed to find a counter-attack and scored. The girls then dug deep to try and equalize but ran out of time. In the second game, Bournes Green managed to get an early goal and once again the team kept pushing forward with great attacking football and managed to equalise with the game finishing in a draw. The girls’ then once again played Prince Avenue, this was a very close game all the way through, with both teams demonstrating superb football with the game ending in a draw. The team went on to win the last three games.

West Leigh 0-1 St. Mary’s

West Leigh 1-1 Bournes Green

West Leigh 0-0 Prince Avenue

West Leigh 2-0 Thorpedene

West Leigh 1-0 Fairways

West Leigh 1-0 Haycroft

All the teams were then called into the middle to find out the results. Everyone sat with anticipation waiting for West Leigh to be called out, we got to the top three and were still waiting. Then we were told with equal points it went on goal difference the girls had scored one more goal to secure 2nd place, meaning the team have earned a place at the Essex finals in November.

The whole team put in an incredible performance throughout the day and demonstrated superb sportsmanship throughout the day. The team should feel confident when approaching their upcoming league fixtures and the Essex finals.


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