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Non Danbury Trip

On the first day the children made cookies and pizza for lunch. During this baking time we waved to the other year 5 children as they left for their own trip. The children chose their toppings and ate their pizza for lunch. They were so tasty and the children it all! We waddled with full bellies to Belfairs Woods for a walk and play in the afternoon.

The second day we got the train to Southchurch Park and we played there and had a picnic. The children were very good and some overcame their fears of the swings and climbing high on the equipment. After lunch we enjoyed the sunshine on the beach. The children were very busy digging huge holes and burying Mrs Rodger. We got the train back to school ready for the exhausted children to be collected.

The third day we went in the Portico minibus to King Georges Park in Brentwood. The weather held off enough for us to play a round of crazy golf at Rascal Bay but the rain started on the last couple of holes. To avoid soggy sandwiches we had a picnic in the mini bus which was very entertaining as we all sang along to the radio! We sheltered in the woods and had a walk around (we got a little lost) but made it back to the playground in time for the sun to come out.

The children were very well behaved and we had a busy but fun few days!


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