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Boys football league match Vs Chalkwell

On Monday 10th February, the boys’ football team played their third game of the season against Chalkwell Hall. In the first half, the boys had their defending ability’s put to the test, unfortunately Chalkwell managed to find space and get an early 2-0 lead. Despite this, the boys remained focused and played with great determination to find a way through Chalkwell’s defenders and passed the keeper to bring them back into the game. Chalkwell then managed to extended their lead just before half time, bring the score to, West Leigh 1-3 Chalkwell.

In the second half, the boys continued to demonstrate their skill and ability, playing with great confidence they manage to equalise the score. Chalkwell then managed to score once again giving them the lead, but the boys never gave up and managed to equalise once again. The boys then continued to apply pressure all the way to the final whistle. With the whistle blown the score was, West Leigh 4-4 Chalkwell Hall.

All the boys demonstrated great skill from both sides and played fantastic football, with superb defending and attacking, as well as applying pressure at both ends of the pitch. Both teams demonstrated superb sportsmanship and respect throughout the game. They were a real credit to the school and should feel confident when approaching their upcoming games.

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