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Year 4 assembly

We used our theme of Don’t Forget Your Passport as the central theme for our presentation to parents. The idea was to take our travellers on a tour of the four countries we have studied this term. This meant they flew on West Leigh Airlines to Finland where a performance of the Moomins was enjoyed. Moving on our sightseers saw Paris in all it’s glory. Eventually our intrepid travellers managed to climb the Eiffel Tower and discovered the delights of French cuisine! As the journey moved on to Spain we questioned Bull fighting and the excitement of throwing tomatoes at each other before being treated to some Spanish dancing. The final leg of the tour took us to Pompeii in Italy where we discovered about Pizza before moving on to Pisa and the history of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Our tourists finally settled in Rome where they were treated to a tour of the sights and experienced the three tenors performing. After an exhasiting trip the travellers finally returned to Southend Airport having shared what they had learnt about the different cultures and countries.

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