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Girls Southend Primary School Football Association 6-a-side Football Tournament

On Saturday 30th March, the girls’ football team competed in the Southend Primary School Football Association 6-a-side Football Tournament at Fairways Primary School. The morning started with the group stages. With two games to play, each half was 10.5 minutes each way. The girls’ first game was against Prince Avenue where they got off to a good start demonstrating control and awareness helping them to make great runs and find space on the pitch. They also managed to get a couple of shots at goal and the first match finished West Leigh 1-0 Prince Avenue. The girls then played Fairways A where they demonstrated strong defensive skills and great saves from the keepers but were unfortunate to lose the game. The final result was West Leigh 0-3 Fairways A. It was not over yet though as the team made it through to the semi-final as runners up where they played Bournes Green. The girls played with great energy and confidence throughout this match and at half time the score was 0-0. In the second half, the girls continued to push with a few shots at goal just going wide but remained positive and kept going. In the last few minutes, Bournes Green managed to get the counter attack, found a way around our defense and keeper to score. With the whistle blown, the game finished West Leigh 0-1 Bournes Green. The girls had one more game to play (3rd/4th play off) against Bournemouth Park. The girls once again went into this game with great confidence and belief that they could do well. They demonstrated superb skill throughout. With Bournemouth Park getting two goals before half-time, the girls needed to work hard in the second half to pull this game back and within a few minutes they managed to find a way into the box and past the defenders to bring the score to 1-2. They continued to push to try and equalise but unfortunately Bournemouth Park managed to get a third goal with only a few minutes left. The girls continued to apply pressure but were unable to get any more goals and, with the final whistle blown, the match finished West Leigh 1-3 Bournemouth Park.

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