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Boys football vs. St Mary's

On Friday 22nd March, the boys’ football team travelled to St Mary’s Primary School to play their last league match of the season. The boys once again demonstrated their skill controlling the ball and getting a few shots towards goal early in the match. The boys managed to get a 1-0 lead then St Mary’s found a way past our defence to get a goal to equalise; this was shortly followed by another earning them the lead. The boys then managed to score again just before halftime with the score 2-2. The match got under way once again with both teams demonstrating great skill and control. St Mary’s crossed the ball across the goal putting the ball in the top corner earning them the lead once again. The boys remained confident keeping the heads up and encouraging each other. With the boys getting a number of shots at goal, the keeper pulled out superb saves throughout the game and the boys manage to find their rhythm helping them to score. With the final whistle blown the game ended West Leigh 5-3 St Mary’s. Both teams played a fantastic game of football and demonstrated great skill and respect throughout the game. The boys have put in a fantastic performance throughout all of their matches this season winning all five of their league games. Every one of the team should feel very proud of their achievements as they have all performed fantastically throughout every match and greatly supported and encouraged each other.

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