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Yr5/6 Girls football match V Our Lady Of Lourdes

On Thursday 28th February, the girls’ football team travelled to Our Lady Of Lourdes Primary School to play their second league game of the season. The girls started the game with good form, keeping possession of the ball in the oppositions half and getting a few shots at goal at the start of the game. Our Lady of Lourdes then won a throw in, found space down the line and managed to slip the ball past our keeper earning them the lead. The girls did not let this faze them and continued to show good form getting the equaliser, followed by some fantastic passing, setting up 3 more superb goals to being the score to 4-1 at half time.

In the second half, the girls continued to use the space, crossed the ball into the box and had a few more shots at goal. The Our Lady of Lourdes keeper pulled off a number of brilliant saves throughout the game and their defenders made some crucial blocks and tackles. The girls managed to score three more goals and, with the final whistle blown, the game ended West Leigh 7-1 Our Lady of Lourdes.

All the girls demonstrated great skill, sportsmanship and respect to all involved and thoroughly enjoyed the match.

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