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Quiz Club General Knowledge

Earlier this term West Leigh Juniors took two teams to take part in the first heat of the Quiz Club General Knowledge competition at Heycroft Primary School. As the reigning National Champions we felt a bit of pressure to perform well again! The competition from the 10 schools involved was very strong with the lead changing hands may times during the course of the quiz. In fact it came down to the final two questions to determine the winners. Luckily for us, one of the members of our Team 1 has incredible knowledge about space and planets and his answer to the penultimate question was the only correct one in the room which gave West leigh Team 1 the victory. They scored a very impressive 2300 points and now go forward to the semi-final. We were really pleased with how Team 2 performed too; they end up a very creditable fourth. Well done to all 8 members of the teams, they had already done extremely well to be chosen to represent the school. Congratulations!

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