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Year 5/6 Girls' Football tournament at Roots Hall

After the girls’ success in their league, they qualified for the SPSFA Champions of Champions Final, made up of the winning teams from each league, played at Roots Hall on Friday 18th May.

For this match the girls played Thorpedene Primary School. In the first half Thorpedene managed to make a break and find a way around our defense to score. The girls kept calm and focused helping them maintain possession of the ball and keep the ball in the oppositions half. The girls managed to find a bit of space, getting the ball out onto the wing and push forward, followed by a fantastic shot, curling the ball past the keeper and into the bottom left corner, bring the score to 1-1 at half time.

In the second half, the girls maintained their form of high pressure and attacking play, with a number of shoots being cleared by Thorpedene’s defense and keeper. With the whistle blown at the end of the second half, the game went to extra time, of 5 minutes each way.

The girls continued to show strong attacking ability. Thorpedene managed to clear the ball out of the box, helping them get the counter attack and their second goal, bringing the score to, Thorpedene 2-1 West Leigh. With a few minutes left of the first half of extra time, the girls pushed forward keeping the ball in the oppositions half getting a few shoots at goal, but were unable to get the ball past the keeper. With the whistle blown the girls got ready for the second half of extra time.

The game got back underway, once again the girls showed strong attacking play as well as strong defensive work. They continued to press, with a few shoots narrowly missing the goal and some good saves by the keeper, the final whistle was blown, with the game ending, Thorpedene 2-1 West Leigh.

The girls’ put in an incredible effort throughout the game, playing a fantastic game of football and can be incredibly proud of their efforts, not only in this game but in their league games and tournaments throughout the year, helping them to get this fantastic opportunity to play at Roots Hall. They have demonstrated superb sportsmanship and respect during every single game as well as being a credit to the school.

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