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Year 5 Boys' football

On Friday 4th March, the Year 5 Boys’ football team travelled to The Len Forge to play in the Participation Football Year 5 Boys. This was the first time the boys’ played as a team and were extremely excited, especially with ten games to play, each lasting ten minutes one way. A few of the boys got an extra game playing for the Barbarians team in the afternoon. The boys did incredibly well, finding their form and getting into the flow of every match. They worked tirelessly, with stupendous saves from the keeper, brilliant defensive tackles, and strong attacking play in every match. They all played fantastically, demonstrated superb sportsmanship throughout and were a credit to the school.

West Leigh 1-0 Richmond

West Leigh 0-1 Greenways Barbarians

West Leigh 5-0 Bournemouth Park

West Leigh 2-0 Chalkwell B

West Leigh 1-1 St. Michaels

West Leigh 3-0 Westborough

West Leigh 0-3 Chalkwell A

West Leigh 1-0 Our Lady of Lords

West Leigh 0-3 Thorpedene

West Leigh 0-2 Greenways Gladiators


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