Year 4 Boys football tournament

On Friday 11th February, the year 4 boys’ football team travelled to the Len Forge Centre to compete in the year 4 football tournament. The day started with the group stages with three games to play, each match being 10 minutes one way. The boys got off to a great start winning their first game. The boys went in to the second game full of confidence. The match was a tough with great defensive play and goalkeeper skills from both sides, the boys’ eventually managed to find the back of the net to win the game. In the last game of the group stages, the team played very strong attacking football to help them win the game. The boys made it through to the super 8’s as winners of the group.

West Leigh 2-0 Earls Hall

West Leigh 1-0 Prince Avenue

West Leigh 2-1 St. Mary’s

The team then had an early lunch before the super 8’s got underway, with another three games to play. With plenty of time left the games were extended to 15minutes one way. The first game proved to be a tough battel between both teams, we both had very even teams with all the players working incredibly hard throughout. When the whistle was blown, the result was a 0-0 draw. The boys’ then had a break to recharge ready for their next two games, being played back to back. The second game started very strong with a number of chances at goal, the team had found their rhythm and worked incredibly hard throughout to win, with the final whistle blown the score was 4-0. The final game was once again very competitive, both teams worked tirelessly to try and score, but with both teams having strong keepers and defenders the game ended in a 0-0 draw. The team had done enough to get a place in the semi-finals, but had to wait for the final game of the group to be played to see if they would be winners of the group or runners up. With Fairways winning the last game and scoring one more goal than us, we finished as runners up.

West Leigh 0-0 Fairways

West Leigh 4-0 Bournemouth Park

West Leigh 0-0 Bournes Green

The boys’ then played Greenways in the semi-final. The team got off to a good start with great attacking play, it took a while for the team to convert this play into a goal. Just after the team scored Greenways managed to counter attack and equalise. This then gave the boys more determination to get another goal, working together with great passing and apply pressure the boys managed to get another two goals and earn themselves a place in the final. The game ended 3-1.

West Leigh 3-1 Greenways

The boys’ then played the final match, this game was split into two halves’, each being 7.5 minutes each way. Once again the boys’ played Fairways and again both sides were evenly matched. Both teams getting numerus shots at goal, with both keepers making superb saves, some great defensive work and strong tackles from both sides. The time ticked down and with the final whistle blown it was 0-0. We then went into extra time – this was five minutes one way. Again the game remained evenly matched. Fairways were awarded a free kick, the boys placed themselves in the box to defend, the free kick was taken and the ball went over the top of the boys and managed to get over our keeper to give them a 1-0 lead. The game wasn’t over and the boys’ continued to play with determination to equalise the game but there wasn’t enough time. The whistle was blown and the final result of the game was West Leigh 0-1 Fairways.

The boys did an incredible job to finish 2nd out of 16 schools who took part in the tournament. They all put in a great performance, playing fantastic football, demonstrating great skill and the whole team thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to play football. The boys represented the school with fantastic sportsmanship, teamwork, behaviour and were a credit to the school.

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