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The Little Things Rock!

This term's team challenge really did rock! We asked the children to think about the effect that positive and uplifting words can have - another of the 'little things' that we would like the children to consider. They thought how it felt when someone says something kind to them, and how they could use words to encourage and uplift others. After spending some time creating  kind and inspiring messages of their own, the children then designed kindness rocks for other members of the school. We were so impressed with the beautiful, creative designs that the children came up with, as well as the variety of messages that they devised!

In the afternoon, we placed the rocks in patterns on the playground, so that parents could see the rocks as they came in to collect their children. At the end of the day, everyone collected a rock and took it home to treasure. It was lovely to see so many happy faces as children read the messages on their rocks.

This was a thought-provoking challenge as some children initially struggled with the idea of giving away the rock that they had put so much time and effort into - but by the end of the day, all could see the value of sharing something wonderful with others.

Thank you to all of our parents, who supported the challenge by sending in rocks as well as allowing children to bring in markers and art materials.


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