Team Challenge

On Friday 12th November, everyone in the school moved to a different classroom to work with children from all year groups within their house team. This was the first team challenge for this year. This term's challenge was a complicated escape room task! The children were part of a team of historians who had travelled back in time to find out more about the mythical creatures that were chosen as the school's house teams. Unfortunately, whilst exploring, their time machine malfunctioned!

The children had to complete a series of tasks and challenges, including code cracking, crosswords, reading quizzes and riddles, to help them find out more about the mythical creatures. Once all challenges were completed correctly, they were able to travel back to the present day and share what they had learned with the rest of the school.

The children worked brilliantly as part of a team and were able to successfully complete the challenges, ensuring that no West Leigh pupils were permanently stuck in the past!

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