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Sports Hall Athletics Competition

On Friday 22nd April, West Leigh competed in both the year 3/4 and year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics, with the year 3/4 tournament in the morning and the year 5/6 tournament in the afternoon.

Both tournaments consisted of six track events and six field events where the athletes were only allowed to compete in a maximum of two track and two field events. Whilst the track events were taking place, all the children were able to watch and cheer on their fellow team mates, at the same time the field events took place at the back of the hall. All the children involved did an incredible job and demonstrated superb sportsmanship, respect and determination.

With the events finished and the results put together, all the schools were called in to find out the results... In total, there were 16 schools that competed. Year 3/4 did fantastically to finish in 1st place whilst Year 5/6 also did incredibly well to finish in 3rd place. We are so proud of the children in how they competed and behaved throughout the day! Well done to all the children involved.


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