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Speed Bounce House Team Event

On Tuesday lunchtime, the children were invited to participate in the first sporting house team event of the year! Led by the Year 6 Sports Captains, children from all year groups completed as many 'speed bounces' as they could in 20 seconds. The house team with the most 'speed bounces' altogether would be the winners. 224 children took part! The scores have been counted and verified...

  • Centicore = 1,809

  • Pegasus = 2,078

  • Phoenix = 2,025

  • Wyvern = 2,202

As winners, Wyvern receive 8 points, Pegasus in 2nd place receive 6 points, whilst 3rd and 4th placed Phoenix and Centicore receive 4 points each. The points from sporting house team events will be accumulated throughout the year and will contribute to the house team point totals on Sports Day. Well done to all of the children who took part!


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