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Portals to the Past

This week, all of the Year 3 children were treated to a wonderful ‘Portals to the Past’ workshop with Gary the Greek! It really was wonderful to see them all dressed in their Greek finery; some were particularly imposing and we daren’t look the handful of Medusa’s in the eye, for fear of being turned to stone. From role plays and story re-enactments to quizzes and ancient board games in the morning the children were chomping at the bit to take part in battle scenes and the mini-Olympics throughout the afternoon. The Spartans were victorious on both days, much to the Athenians disgust! It has been an exhilarating way to round off our topic of ‘Gods and Mortals’ and the children have consolidated so much of their learning from the term when understanding just how much the legacy of the Ancient Greeks exists today.


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