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Multi-School Dodgeball Event

On Wednesday 22nd November, the year 6 dodgeball teams travelled to Garons Tennis and Leisure Centre to take part in a multi-school dodgeball event. The day was split into two parts: one team attedning the festival in the morning and the other attedning in the afternoon for a competitive tournament.

In the morning, two teams played a number of games with a range of different schools and both teams played incredibly well with both winning a number of games and only losing a couple in the closing seconds of the final round. It was great to see so many schools enjoying the opportunity to play dodgeball.

In the afternoon, the teams played the group stage with three schools to play. In their first match, they narrowly missed a win against Earls Hall but went on to win against Westborough. In the final game, the team went 1-0 down but equalised in the second round, taking it to the final round which Prince Avenue eventually won.

Making it into the Super 10s, they played another 4 games. In the first two, the team worked very hard, taking each game through all three rounds, but unfortunately in the last round of both games the other teams took the win. They remained positive and went into the third game with great confidence and worked hard as a team to win 2-0. They knew that their final match against St Michael's would be tough as they hadn’t lost any of their games in the group. West Leigh remained positive and played very well but St Michael's took the win. The team did an incredible job to finish in the top 10 and should be very proud of themselves.

Throughout the day, the children represented the school with superb sportsmanship, and respect. They were a real credit to the school, with every single team member improving in every match and enjoying the game of dodgeball.

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