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Hockey Tournament

On Wednesday, West Leigh competed in 2 hockey tournaments held at Warner's Bridge. This was only the second time that the children had played on an astroturf! 

In the morning, the B team played 5 games against a variety of teams. Across the morning, some excellent tackles, defensive work and strong passes meant that the children won 4 out of 5 games! During training, the children have been practising using their reverse stick, getting their feet out of the way and stopping the ball and getting it under control before passing- all of these skills were displayed during the games.

The afternoon went slightly differently with the A team coming up against some very strong opponents! The A team played 6 games and managed to draw 5 of them and only loose 1 game. Despite the other team scoring first in most of the games, the children kept their heads up, showed great encouragement towards each other and kept on playing allowing Toby to score a hat trick! 


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