Yr 5/6 boys' football vs. Earls Hall

On Friday 8th March, the boys’ football team travelled to Earls Hall Primary School to play their third league match of the season and a friendly match.

In the friendly match, the boys got a great start scoring within the first few minutes. With this, Earls Hall increased their defence and put in great tackles as well as their keeper pulling out some unbelievable saves. At halftime, the boys had increased their lead to 4-0. In the second half, the boys continued to demonstrate their skill passing the ball and communicating to help them score. Earls Hall’s defenders and keeper worked tirelessly throughout the match helping them get the counter attack on a number of occasions but were unable to get the ball past our keeper. With the final whistle blown, the game finished West Leigh 9-0 Earls Hall

In the League Match, the boys continued their good form from the previous games, playing with great attacking ability and defending the ball. With Earls Hall defending the ball, the boys had a challenge to get the goal but keeping high pressure on the ball they managed to score. With the half time whistle blown, the score was West Leigh 1-0 Earls Hall. In the second half, the boys showed confidence once again getting a goal minutes after kick off. The boys continued to play with this confidence, putting Earls Hall’s keeper and defence to the test with both making sublime saves and tackles throughout the match. Then the boys put pressure on the ball and found space to pass helping to set themselves up for some superb goals. The final whistle was blown; the game finished West Leigh 5-0 Earls Hall.

All the boys demonstrated great skill from both teams as well as sportsmanship and respect throughout the games. They were a real credit to the school and should feel confident when approaching their upcoming games.

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