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Tag rugby finals

Once again, West Leigh has excelled in the Southend Yr 5/6 Tag Rugby Finals continuing the school’s magnificent record!

During the course the tournament, they played 8 games and impressively won all 8 ultimately being crowned champions.

In the morning, they played three games in the group stage:

West Leigh 7 – 1 Heycroft

West Leigh 6 – 1 Milton Hall

West Leigh 5 –1 Barons Court

Following these great results, they joined the second stage playing in a group of 4 as part of the ‘Super 8s’. The standard of competition was raised and so too was the team’s performance level as they transferred what they have learned into competitive situations.

West Leigh 7 – 3 Chalkwell

West Leigh 6 – 3 Earls Hall

West Leigh 8 – 4 Greenways

Continuing with their 100% record, they prepared for a semi-final yet the team felt, even though they had played amazingly well, that there was room for improvement, particularly in defence, and gave their everything in the semi-final.


West Leigh 6 – 2 Fairways


West Leigh 6 – 5 Bournes Green

The final was a rather tense affair with end-to-end play but in the end, they came out victorious and will have the chance to pit their skills against the best teams from Essex when they attend the Essex Finals in March.

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