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Year 5 departed after school heading to Stubbers where we were greeted by the Staff who helped the children discover their camps. After a hearty meal we had some time on the field to play games while Mr Nash valiantly tried to light the bonfire. Having gathered for songs and stories around the campfire, the next hour passed very quickly as the flames got bigger. Following the campfire we were off to bed - which for some took longer than others! On Thursday we had a healthy breakfast before heading off to our activities. Some groups faced the challenge of working as a team, some climbed the towers, aimed at the archery targets whilst others tackled the water based activities of Katu-Kanu and Kayaking. The firm favourite over the two days was riding the Jet Skis and whilst waiting their turn, paddling in the water The activities were punctuated by a short break or Lunch. After four activities the children were eager for their evening meal. Having eaten the meal we were Joined by Mr Lear and Mrs Hall who accompanied us on our night Hike around the Stubbers site. On our return we gathered in the light of Oak camp and were entertained by the children’s entries into "Stubbers Got Talent.” After lots of laughter, applause and cheering children headed to their own camps demonstrably ready for a good nights sleep. The children were slow to wake on the Friday and rushed to pack before their morning meal. Two activities were followed by a last minute tent tidy. Following our final activity the children and all their bags, which seemed to have multiplied, gathered in the sunshine in Chestnut camp whilst we waited patiently for the coaches to arrive and return us back to school ready for our weekend.

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