Every whole school assembly begins with specially chosen listening piece. This can be linked to a

special date or festival, great composer or performer, charity event or news item. We demonstrate one of our key British Values, Mutual Respect, by actively encouraging the children to listen to unfamiliar music from a diverse range of musical genres. Recent pieces have marked Placido Domingo’s 75 th birthday, Mozart’s 260 th anniversary as well as commemorating the achievements of music visionaries David Bowie and George Martin.

Assembly listening

Hymn Practise

Our weekly Hymn Practise is a whole school singing assembly. We sing a range of songs from

traditional hymns to popular praise songs. We also provide the opportunity for more experienced

instrumental students to accompany the singing with special arrangements of our favourite songs.

BBC Essex Interview

West Leigh pupils take to the airwaves! Six children were interviewed by Andrew Merchant from

BBC Essex. We had been selected to contribute to a programme discussing hymn singing in schools. The children were asked about hymns at West Leigh and enthusiastically explained how Monday Hymn Practice and Whole School Assembly singing are organised in our school. They were very keen to nominate their favourite songs and even demonstrated their singing to the presenter!

We were very impressed with their confident manner in a very unusual situation. All the children

spoke without any notes and were universally positive about singing in their school.

Mrs London then invited Andrew to visit our Assembly where he briefly spoke to the whole school

about BBC Essex radio production, both in their Chelmsford studios and on location across Essex. He then recorded another audio track as the whole school sang ‘You shall go out with joy’. Andrew thanked us for welcoming him to West Leigh and said he was very impressed.