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SLT for the Day

After a whole school democratic vote, the winning SLT was decided. All ten children did a wonderful job and should be extremely proud of their campaigns. The five winners took on the difficult role as 'senior leaders' of West Leigh Junior School for the day on Monday.

They began their day with a very important health and safety check of the school grounds and then greeted all staff, making sure that they knew all of the arrangements for the day. Children were greeted at the gates by their elected leaders and the new SLT checked in with the school office staff to check that there were no pressing issues.

A thorough learning walk was conducted with a focus on enjoyment; the team visited most classes to see which different activities were taking place and the different ways that teachers engaged the children. A detailed report was then written and shared with the staff.

The most nerve-wracking part of the day then took place - leading a whole school assembly! The team chose a song that they thought the children would enjoy and then read a story to share the message that children should not be afraid to try something new.

Break duty was then carried out, followed by a well-earned break (and a cup of tea) for the new leaders. All children enjoyed an extended break as part of the election promises, as well as the opportunity to bring a 'treat' as their snack and the chance to bring in previously 'banned' cards and loom bands.

The new friendship bench was set up ready for lunchtime and the SLT carried out more tasks such as writing their newsletter contribution for this week. They visited the dining hall at lunchtime to check that lunches were running smoothly and dealt with any problems that arose during lunch.

The afternoon was equally busy; the team visited classes and handed out stickers for exceptional work. They also decided how to spend a small portion of the school budget and ordered some new books for the year group shelves. A visit with Karen Packer, Portico Trustee, then took place. They shared the findings from their learning walk and learned a little about how the academy works, as well as visiting Portico House. Finally, they ended their day by saying goodbye to pupils as they left.

They did a wonderful job and enjoyed this special experience. Even better, their legacy has been extended, as Mrs Woolf was so impressed with how sensibly the children played with cards that these will now be allowed back in school. Well done to Luca, Amelia, William, Lydia and George - most definitely leaders of the future!


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