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Year 6 Dodgeball

On Wednesday 28th November, the school dodgeball teams traveled to Garons Tennis and Leisure Centre with Mr Nash and Miss Fletcher to take part in a multi-school dodgeball event. The day was split into two parts: one team attending the festival in the morning and the other team attending in the afternoon for a competitive tournament.

In the morning, the festival team had the opportunity to play a number of dodgeball games with a range of different schools. With four games scheduled, they unfortunately lost the first two games. They put this behind them and continued to improve throughout the next two games. Using knowledge from the previous games, they managed to win both. When they weren’t playing a scheduled game, they were able to use another court to play some friendlies with the other schools. This enabled them to improve their dodgeball skills throughout the morning. All the children attending really enjoyed the occasion and it was great to see so many schools enjoying playing each other.

In the afternoon, the teams arrived and were prepared for an exciting and tense afternoon of dodgeball matches. It started off in the group stage with 4 schools to play. They got off to a good start and the first round ended in a draw. They then won round two and drew round three so, with the most points, won this game. The second game got underway. West Leigh continued to play well and managed to get the win in round one and round two, winning the second game. In the third game, the team managed to win round one, lost round two but kept their heads up and won round three, giving them the overall win. Game four, the last game of the group stages, decided who would go through to the super 10s. Both teams were very strong and the West Leigh team managed to win the first round. They unfortunately lost round two and drew in round three with this game ending in a draw. The referees went to decide who would go through looking back at all the results and all the teams waited patiently to find out the results. West Leigh went through to the super 10s as winners of the group.

West Leigh V Our Lady Of Lourdes - West Leigh win

West Leigh V Friars - West Leigh win

West Leigh V Heycroft - West Leigh win

West Leigh V Thorpedene - Draw

The super 10s got underway. The team continued their form winning round one, they lost round two and came back to win round three which meant they won the first game. Game two got underway and they showed great strength and won both rounds one and two. In game three, they lost round one but remained confident for round two and three winning both rounds and giving them the win. Game four, once again the last game of the super 10s, decided who would be winners and who would be runners-up. The game got underway and West Leigh kept their form from the previous games and got the win in round one and two. This sent them into the semi-finals as the winners of the group.

West Leigh V Our Lady Of Lourdes - West Leigh win

West Leigh V Temple Sutton - West Leigh win

West Leigh V Westborough - West Leigh win

West Leigh V Chalkwell - West Leigh Win

With the team raring to go, they were unfortunate to lose round one but then gathered themselves to win round two with just one round left. They remained confident and strong but, with the fast passed nature of dodgeball, they unfortunately lost round three: just missing out on a place in the final. This wasn’t the end the team as they still had the third/fourth playoff to go.

West Leigh V Bournemouth Park - Bournemouth Park win

The third fourth playoff got underway and they won round one but round two ended with a loss. The team gathered themselves again and managed to win round three: earning themselves a well-deserved third place.

West Leigh V Temple Sutton - West Leigh win

All of the children, throughout the day, showed sportsmanship, respect and great comradery. They were all a credit to the school and did a fantastic job to finish 3rd out of 15 schools who attended.

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