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Year 3 visit Colchester Zoo

Throughout November Year 3 had the fantastic opportunity of visiting Colchester Zoo as part of their topic on Amazing Animals. During their visit, they had the opportunity to wander the zoo and see all the animals. The highlight for many was when we were picked up by an elf that had lost Santa’s magic flying dust to make the reindeers fly! They thought they had found another animal that could possibly make Santa’s sleigh fly and took us to their enclosure. We ended up at the Penguin enclosure and learnt lots about them and that they don’t actually fly but we needed to check with a zookeeper who brought some friends with her! Her friends were some Little Penguins. All the children loved meeting these animals and sat calmly as they entered the room. After they left, the elf had to tell Father Christmas that they had lost the dust. We looked all over the room and realised that Santa had put it in his pocket! To say thank you to the children for helping him to find the dust, Santa gave each child an early Christmas present of a little cuddly penguin to remind them of this day!

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