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Throughout the last two weeks, schools from across Essex have been taking part in the South East Essex Design Competition. This annual contest has been a showcase of outstanding art and D&T work which children have completed as a part of their learning. This year, West Leigh entered the competition with work from all four year groups – Alice in Wonderland Tea Cups, Roman Shields, Mysterious Meso-American Truffles and Cam Toys. Mr Loveridge organised the event and was incredibly impressed with the quality of work producing which in some case surpassed the efforts from the previous year. On Thursday 23rd March, two children from each year group represented the school for judging and were exceptional in the way they responded to questions and behaved during such a busy event. The final results were delivered on Monday 27th March, the school was incredibly proud to receive a silver award for Year 3, a gold award for Year 5 and a gold award for Year 6. Additionally, Year 6 children were incredibly delighted to receive the award for ‘Excellence in Primary Design and Technology’ for the second year in a row with their Cam Toys.

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