Southend Week

Monday (London) It was with trepidation that the twenty pupils and accompanying adults set off on their first trip of the week: London. By the time they had walked to Tower Pier to wait for their River Cruise boat to Greenwich, they all resembled drowned rats! However, that did not stop the formidable team enjoying the day – there was not a single frown among them! Huge thanks to Mrs Tremain for keeping the adults plied with snacks and Mr Windass for ensuring the children were kept informed of all the interesting facts – our tour-guide!

At Greenwich, the children marvelled at the wonderful sights, particularly the Cutty Sark, The Maritime Museum and the Painted Hall before making their way up to the top of the hill to The Royal Observatory. From there, the weather was kinder and as they braved the open top of the boat towards Tower Bridge, the clouds parted and the sky turned blue. Then, there was just enough time for a quick walk round to Leadenhall Market (Diagon Alley) and an ice cream before heading back to the train…and home.

Tuesday (Horse Riding / Base Jump) Everyone was buzzing with excitement about today as ‘the team’ set off towards Belfairs Woods on this gloriously sunny morning – in fact, some children were so excited that they left their snacks behind with their lunch! That didn’t seem to matter though as they became engrossed in the activities. After spending some time on the wooden play area, it was time for the horses. Each child was given a sticker to wear with the name of their horse on it, which made us all laugh because it looked as though the children were called Willow, Echo, etc. A quick lunch back at school (and snack!), then it was time for us to collect the first of our massively long bus tickets as we headed off to Base Jump. As Alfie commented, “Woah! Look at all those MacDonald vouchers!” The ticket was several metres long and really amused the children as Ms O’Donnell attempted to roll it up into a little tube. Base Jump was a hit with the children and was voted as a definite highlight of the week.

Wednesday (Masterchef Challenge) Today was a huge challenge, filled with new experiences for the children. In ‘restaurant’ groups, the children applied their research skills to devise a menu for a two-course meal, which they would later be preparing themselves. So off they went to Waitrose with their shopping list and a budget. They did a sterling job in shopping within their budget and sourcing the healthiest options. It was really sweet to see some of them emulating their parents at the checkout – to the point that the Waitrose staff commented upon their mature attitude and wonderful behaviour. Back to the kitchen, and the children really went for it. Ms O’Donnell almost turned into Gordon Ramsey at one point – ‘Yes, chef!’ Thankfully, Mrs Beasley and Mrs Ferguson kept everything running and patiently guided the children through the skills of food preparation! Other staff joined in throughout the afternoon until Mr Loveridge introduced the judge, who is a chef and was able to offer some sound advice! A special mention for Mrs Beasley though, who stayed all day and did the work of at least five helpers! So in the end, the ‘restaurant’ tables were all set up, background music on and the judges: Mrs Halls and Alec Shelmerdine (chef and part-time rocker) took their seats. In typical catering fashion, everything was plated up and calmly served with finesse! All of the children received a small prize for their efforts but there were special aprons presented to the winners, who had prepared a wonderful ‘Mad-Hatter’s Tea Party’.

Thursday (Bowling / Crazy Golf / Film Night) The weather forecast all week had predicted thunderstorms for Thursday and so today’s activities were somewhat in doubt! Nevertheless, off we went to collect our second giant bus ticket! The driver complemented the children for their excellent behaviour on his bus. The Kursaal was brilliant! We had the whole area to ourselves and, thanks to Rhiannon, who looked after us all morning, a fun time was had by all. Drinks were provided for the children free of charge, we were allowed to eat our lunch in between games and she even kept her sense of humour when the Lane 6 group managed to cause a malfunction for the umpteenth time – it became a standing joke! At the end, Rhiannon organised the children for some group photos and then we were on our way…would we be going home? What a wonderful surprise! As Ms O’Donnell went to call the Golf people, the weather app suddenly clicked and all of the thunderstorm symbols disappeared! Golf was on! All in all, this ended up being a wonderful day. A special mention for Mr Newell, who probably enjoyed himself as much as, if not more than the children! Another ice cream and back to school just in time for the thunderstorm – smiles all round! Onesie night was a huge success, and true to form, the children braved the weather to come back to school despite the torrential rain! It was great to see everybody getting on so well although it was agreed that we all ate far too much popcorn! Expelliamus!

Friday (Adventure Island) Not much needs to be said except that this was a glorious finale to a fun- packed week. The sun was shining, the children were happy - what more could we ask for? Special thanks to Mrs Templeton for helping today. Finally, a huge thanks to the teaching team: ,Ms O'Donnell, Mr Loveridge, Mrs Ferguson and Mrs Martin for making the week such a great success and creating special moments for the children.

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