Girls Football

The Year 5 and 6 girls' football team competed in the Southend Primary School Sports Association Girls' Football Competition on Friday 13th October 2017. The girls got off to a great start to the day in the group stage, winning all 4 games to put them top of the group and through to the super 10s. West Leigh 2-0 Thorpedene West Leigh 1-0 Our Lady Of Lords West Leigh 1-0 Sacred Heart West Leigh 1-0 Bournes Green After lunch the girls played another 4 games. Continuing their form with a 3-0 win. The next game the girls went 0-1 down to Temple Sutton, but manage to stay calm and focused to bring it back to a 2-1 victory. The third game also challenged the girls after going 0-1 dow

Tag Rugby

Tag rugby has brought great success for West Leigh during the past ten years at the Year 5/6 Southend Finals and this year's team have continued this proud record. During the course of a busy day, they played 10 games and impressively won all 10 ultimately being crowned champions. In the morning, they played four games in the group stage: West Leigh 5 - 1 Milton Hall West Leigh 7 - 0 Thorpe Greenways West Leigh 7 - 2 St. Blenheim West Leigh 5 - 3 Fairways Following these great results, they joined the second stage playing in a group of 5 as part of the 'Super 10s'. The standard of competition was raised and so too was the team's technical ability both in attack and defence. West

Year 5 Hadleigh Country Park

On Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd September, Mrs Rodger, Mrs Atkin and Mrs Watts accompanied ten children at Hadleigh Country Park. Thursday: The guide’s name was Denise and she met the group by the round house. As an ice-breaker, the children played some team games. They then had to make up their own team game using the equipment supplied. The children enjoyed playing the games they had devised. Denise then showed the children how to make a kite using a bin bag and some sticks. The children had to work with a partner to make the kite, following instructions carefully. After lunch, they then swapped roles and the other partner made their kite. The children loved flying the kites. It wa

Year 5 Old Leigh visit

Year 5 visited Old Leigh on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th September as part of their recent work on seascapes. The purpose of the visit was to gather natural materials from the beach, including shells, sand, seaweed and driftwood, as well as making quick sketches of the landscapes, to use back in school to create a selection of collages. Both days were sunny and dry, enabling us to collect some fantastic resources which have now been used within our art lessons. #year5 #Year5 #wholeschool #Wholeschool

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