Healthy school status

We are over the moon to have had our Healthy Schools status revalidated. We had 2 visitors from the local authority, Lisa Holloway and Deborah Hart, who visited the school yesterday to moderate the school. They spoke to Mrs Mitchinson about PE and clubs. The four Year 6 school councillors showed them around the school and the children answered questions in an articulate way about the health and well being of the children. The ladies then watched a fruit preparation session led by Mrs Rodger and some Year 4 children. They then watched the Year 6 tuck monitors in action at breaktime. They spoke with Mrs London regarding PSHE. In our final meeting, one of our governors, Annalisa Herve and pare

Year 4 mini beast hunt

Year 4 ‘Young Scientists’ have been looking at habitats and classification of species in their lessons this half term. We ventured to Belfairs’ Woods to look in detail at mini beasts and, with the help of our magnifying glasses, identified a whole range of different creatures. Our first afternoon with 4P and 4R had the additional excitement of a series of hail storms whilst the second trip took place in bright sunshine with the added bonus of muddy puddles! The children sketched what they found and used a great app on the iPads called Bug Count to classify what they found. Fabulous fun was had by all. The children are now following up their field work with a session in the ICT suite usi

Cake sale for school library

Yesterday, West Leigh Junior School held the biggest bake sale ever seen! The school council had worked hard to organise the cake sale and were overwhelmed with the number of delicious cakes and cookies that everyone brought in. Children all visited the cake sale before playtime to choose a cake (or two!) for their snack. It was very busy and the Councillors were rushed off their feet. In the end the hard work was all worth it, as we raised £473 to buy new books for the school library. The school council wish to thank everyone who bought or donated a cake – we couldn’t have done it without you! The school council will now be asking classes which subject areas they would like to see books fo

High 5 Netball

Hi 5 netball was played on 21st April. We took 8 Year 6 children (2 boys and 6 girls). We played 6 games. They managed to win 2 games but sadly lost 4. The standard was very high this year and was won by Temple Sutton. #Sport #wholeschool #Year6 #year5 #year3 #Year4

Year 4 British Museum trip

Yesterday, the whole of Year 4 set off to the British Museum. This was to be an exciting start to their new topic of ‘Ancient Egypt’. The children had a pack of activities to complete, which would get them thinking about life in Ancient Egypt and areas that they would like to find out more about as the term progresses. We were able to visit all of the Egyptian galleries, getting a good look at the Rosetta Stone and many enormous Egyptian sculptures. Upstairs, we saw many artifacts from Ancient Egypt, which taught us how the Egyptians created mummies and farmed for food. The children were particularly excited to see real Egyptian mummies, including a 5000 year old man who had been mummified

Year 5 Geography Pirate Orienteering

Today, 5A and 5Q (with 5C and 5B going on Wednesday 4th May) set off to Westcliff High School for Boys to participate in a Geography Pirate Orienteering activity afternoon. After safely navigating our way their, they were led into the library to meet the staff and 6th form students who would be leading the session. The children revised the use of grid references on maps, the 8 compass points and briefly learned how to use a compass to read bearings. Then they set off in groups around the school grounds to complete as many courses as time allowed. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience. #Year5 #Wholeschool

Essex Schools Team Cross Country Final

Yesterday, 6 boys from Year 3 took part in the Essex Schools Team Cross Country Final. The boys walked around the course to check the terrain and then discussed race tactics. After an uphill start they got into their stride and showed resilience and perseverance on a challenging course. They represented the school excellently and demonstrated competitive spirit. Due to each boy putting in a brilliant individual performance, the team finished as the 7th best school in Essex. #year3 #Wholeschool

Healthy Lunchbox session

This afternoon, Martin Buckley, local chef, came in to run a healthy lunchbox session for parents. Martin talked about the fat content in crisps and sugar in drinks before going onto to make some healthy lunch box alternatives to boring sandwiches and unhealthy crisps. He made pizza swirls, vegetable couscous, a savory and also a sweet wrap and homemade coleslaw. The parents all enjoyed taste-testing the food and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Everyone was given a handbook which contained recipe ideas and meal plans (this can be downloaded in the parents letters page). #Wholeschool #year3 #Year4 #Year5 #year6

Year 6 Dogs Trust visit

Year 6 were visited by Maria from The Dog’s Trust for a presentation about evolution and adaptation, which linked with their science work for the term. Maria spoke to the children about how dogs had evolved from wolves, and explained how different species of dog have been created. The children took part in a range of interesting activities, and also learned how to safely approach dogs. Maria was very knowledgeable and the children asked lots of sensible questions. #year6 #Wholeschool

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