All our instrumental teachers are either from Southend Music Service or members of staff here at

West Leigh. Please email Mr Miell on to express your interest in music lessons.




When students work on their playing or singing they are also doing all of the following:


  • Developing physical co-ordination and fine motor control

  • Integrating mental and physical activity

  • Demonstrating knowledge and understanding

  • Being expressive

  • Using creativity and imagination

  • Building self-belief and confidence

  • Nurturing emotional intelligence

  • Learning to learn


Learning an instrument does not only promote musical understanding and practical musicianship; learning an instrument also promotes transferable ‘life skills’ including concentration, self-discipline, organisation, creativity and co-ordination. Once your child reaches a basic standard of playing, they will be encouraged to participate in a range of extra-curricular opportunities at West Leigh. Like any new skill, learning an instrument does need a certain amount of commitment. In order to gain maximum benefit from their lessons, your child will need to practice regularly.



The benefits of learning music      by the Associated Board's Chief Examiner: (ABRSM 'Libretto' magazine 2015)


We offer tuition in blocks of 10 lessons. The charges will be £75.00 for a 15 minute lesson (for

beginners and intermediate players) or £150 for a 30 minute lesson (for more advanced students).Fees are payable in advance using the WisePay system. In the event of teacher absence, the lessons will be made up at no additional cost. If the student misses a lesson, the cost of that lesson will not be refunded. If the student is ill, the lesson will be missed. If the student is out on a school trip, we will endeavour to reschedule the lesson. In the event of wishing to cancel lessons, a half term’s notice is required in writing. Lessons will be timetabled in the afternoons and after school. Pupils will be allocated a lesson slot which will be the same time each week.

Pay for your child's lessons.

Instrument Hire

We do appreciate that starting a new activity often presents financial demands for new equipment. As a result, we do not recommend purchasing an instrument for your child until they have completed at least a term’s tuition. This should give you and your child a good idea as to whether this is something your child will want to pursue. We recommend that you initially consider hiring an instrument from us (subject to availability) or Southend Music Service. Further details are available on request. Similarly, local music shops offer a range of offers and hire or purchase schemes. We would encourage you to deal with a reputable music shop to ensure sound advice and good quality instruments.

West Leigh Junior School

Keyboards, violins and cellos hired for £15 per term.

Contact us for more details.

Southend Music Services

Instruments hired for £15 per term.

01702 215861

Allegro Music Westcliff

Instruments available for hire or purchase.

Hire charge £5-£30 per month.

01702 334488

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