Recorder Groups

We have a wide range of opportunities for recorder players. These groups aim to develop the basic skills initiated in the Year 3 curriculum and provide a greater level of challenge as children gain experience. Once the descant recorder has been mastered, we introduce the treble, tenor and bass instruments as appropriate. We are fortunate to benefit from the expertise of a specialist recorder tutor to refine our playing to a professional standard.

Boys' Choir

This is an auditioned group for boys with a secure sense of pitch. The choir aims to develop part-

singing as well as individual technique. We sing a varied repertoire including spirituals, character

pieces and choral standards.

Lower School Girls' Choir

This group aims to develop young voices by exploring a diverse collection of pieces. We sing in twoparts and harmonious unison and require all singers to show a good sense of pitch in a short

audition. Songs with actions are always popular with these girls!

‘Singalong’ Club

This informal singing group is open to year 3 singers who are not currently part of our school choirs.We aim to develop pitching accuracy, vocal confidence and promote the joy of singing together.

Upper School Girls' Choir

We enjoy singing pieces from musicals, film soundtracks and popular songs. A secure sense of pitch is required in order to maintain vocal harmonies. This group is always full of energy and loves anything with dance moves!

School Orchestra

Young musicians who learn instruments are invited to join once they have reached a good standard of playing. We perform contrasting styles of music including traditional tunes, famous classical pieces and some more contemporary melodies. Children benefit from working together to achieve a great sound!

Percussion Group

Children memorise a collection of rhythmic patterns and play by ear. They are encouraged to listen and react to non-verbal cues. Leadership skills are developed as they learn to lead the group using the techniques they have been taught.

Woodwind Group

Woodwind players of a good basic standard are invited to augment their playing experience. We

play in various combinations and share our music-making with our peers. We also support our wholeschool singing by performing in Assemblies and Hymn Practices.

Brass Group

Brass players are welcome to join this new ensemble. The group introduces to ensemble playing aswell as the more social aspects of being a musician.

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