Year 3 - 18th May
Home Learning Bulletin
English Activities
English Answers
Example newspaper report
Layered Reading week 5
Year 3 - 11th May
Home Learning Bulletin
English Activities
English Activities - Answers
Layered Reading week 4
My Happy Mind Parent information
Past tense v present perfect tense
PE Ideas
Year 3 - 4th May
Home Learning Bulletin
Touch Typing Finger Placement on Home Row
Touch Typing Information
Year 3 Typing Lessons
Year 3 Touch Typing Paragraph
Year 3 Touch Typing Activities
Crazy Character  Example
Crazy Character Algorithm Lesson
Crazy Character Worksheet
English Answers
Exercise 1 'shun'
Exercise 2 -sion or -ssion
Exercise 3 The 'shun' sound
Exercise 4 Clauses 1
Exercise 5 Clauses 2
Layered Reading Week 3
Monopoly Board
PE Ideas
Poster Examples
VE Day - Poster
VE Day PowerPoint with talking points
VE Day PowerPoint
Year 3 - 27th April 
Home Learning Bulletin
Spellings 'ous' guidance & activities
Features of a play script
Play Scripts guidance and activities
Layered reading week 2
Possessive apostrophe guidance and activities
English activity answers
Map of Leigh on Sea
My local area
Template of a seahorse
PE ideas
Year 3 - 20th April
Home Learning Bulletin
Layered Reading Week 1
Checklist for Informal Letter Writing
Informal Letter Writing Examples
Diagram of a flowering plant
Suffixes Activity
Suffixes Activity Answers
Map to label seaside towns
Year 3 Science Knowledge Organiser
Year 3 Easter home learning
Home Learning Bulletin
Egg drop challenge
Code Breaker
Direct Speech disaster
Eggsploding eggs
Reading Activity
Word Family activity
English activity answers
The Mystery of the Easter Bunny
Year 5 - 4th May
Home Learning Bulletin
Science Day & Night
Day & Night answers
Fractions answers
Harry Potter - House & Common room writing task
Harry Potter - Summer 1 w/c 4th May
How to make a sundial
HP Chapters 6-8 answers
Imagery answers
Science video links
Sorting Hat origami
Time Conundrums
Year 5 - 27th April
Home Learning Bulletin
5 Les Vàtements
Colour thesaurus
Diagon Alley writing
Diagon Alley Extract for Comprehension
Diagon Alley Comp Questions
Diagon Alley Answers
English answers
Factors, Multiples and Primes 1
Mayan Challenge map
Mayan Civilisation - Geography challenge
Spotting and understanding devices
Wand design
Maths answers
Year 5 - 20th April
Home Learning Bulletin
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